The best thing about Abokado is the fact that the majority of stuff you can buy there is actually pretty healthy. Which is something you often forget when you eat there. The problem is that it’s so nice we end up eating quite a lot of it, most of the time.

Mark and Lindsay Lilley set up their first Abokado shop in Covent Garden over ten years ago. The reason was simple, after leaving their busy city jobs to go backpacking they spent some time in Sydney. Whilst there they found a wide selection of healthy and good value sushi restaurants. Years in London eating fast food had meant putting on a few extra pounds, however now they found it was dropping off. They decided to bring the concept back to London upon their return. Since then they’ve opened up twenty four shops throughout central London selling sushi, noodles, rice dishes, bagels and various other healthy items to the busy city worker.

Up until a few months ago we would, more often than not, end up with some form of overpriced baguette from Pret that inevitably contains at least one ingredient we don’t like. The kind of place where you look around the shelves for the thing you don’t mind eating as opposed to choosing something you really want.

Most things on the Abokado menu are designed to be healthy. Our favourite options are the Salmon and cream cheese multigrain bagel for breakfast (£2.99). For lunch we go for the rice, avocado and egg or a teriyaki rice pot. Both around 350 calories and costing less than £4.

Everything sold after 5pm is also 1/3 off.So you can eat there three times a day if you fancy.