Fitness doesn’t always have to be about losing weight in the gym or running home when you don’t want to.  It doesn’t mean you need to spend most days eating kale and drinking broccoli smoothies.

The Allrounder is a blog made by people who enjoy fitness but like enjoying life just as much. We drink, we eat pizza and we go to bed late. If you’re trying to find us we may be out running, we may be in the gym or we may be lying on the settee eating Kettle Chips, drinking Vimto and watching Flatliners. We watch a lot of 80s films.

Sometimes we’re in good shape, sometimes we’re not. We don’t like feeling guilty about it though. For us fitness is something that slots into your life without becoming a chore. You just have to try a few things out to work out what’s best for you.

The Allrounder is a non-commercial blog. We do what we do because we enjoy writing, we enjoy fitness and we want to communicate with other people that feel the same way. If anything on the site seems unfair or is offensive in any way then please let us know by email (it probably wasn’t intentional).

If you’d like to get involved with the Allrounder, whether that’s telling us about an event or a product, or even submitting a story you think might be interesting to our community, send us an email. We’d very much like to hear from you.

Don’t be a stranger now.

Tom, Editor

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