Bobo Social

There’s no shortage of places to eat burgers in London but for all the excitement and media bravado that surrounds each new launch,the reality is that they’re often pretty similar. Sure there are a few places that stand out from the usual fair but a lot of them are either expensive, gimmicky or subject to some pretty impressive queuing.

Bobo Social is however none of these (at least for the moment). Sat quietly at the non-Oxford Street end of Charlotte Street it looks like little more than someone’s house. Inside is not much different with a small hallway that leads to a cozy little dining area you might expect to find in the home of a well-off countryside dweller.

The menu (click here to see it all) takes a simple selection of dishes but manages to add a sense of personalisation rarely seen in its peers. The burgers take the main stage however with a notable mention going out to the Peanut Butter with Monterey Jack cheese – ridiculously simple yet phenomenally satisfying. You could also do far worse than accompanying it with Skin-On, Beef Dripping Bobo Chips or the Sweet Potato Chips With Truffle Salt.

On Monday’s they host an Experimental Society Burger evening where customers create their own. The most popular winning the prestige of being held on the menu for the remainder of the week.

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Picture credit: Bobo Social