Dennis Kruissen – “For the Love of a Princess” mix

It’s okay, we sill have few more weeks of Summer left, don’t you worry your little head. There’s a still a few festivals, evenings sat in beer gardens, BBQs and days lying in a park reading the new Harry Potter Script left to come. Which means you’ll still be needing an uplifting summer mix to have on in the background.

A good job that Dennis Kruissen has posed his latest free download to Soundcloud then. It’s a cracking selection of tracks just perfect for sipping a nice cool pale ale to whilst you watch the sun set in the distance. Or whilst you’re sat at work playing around with spreadsheet formulas longingly staring out of the window and swearing under your breath.

Tropical house, deep house, some rather nice samples and a couple of pleasing surprises. Trust us. It’s a blinder.

Picture credit: Dennis Kruissen