Finisterre Spring/Summer 2015

FInisterre Clothing The Allrounder

In the past ten years Finisterre has come a long way. From its humble beginnings in a flat above a surf shop it’s gone on to become one of the finest innovators of cold water surf gear. However to say it’s simply a surf brand is far from accurate. Their new Spring/Summer collection shows that the Cornwall-based designers are now producing a range of items that push it far beyond the world of surfing.

Their recent photo shoot in Sardinia showcases the new range in all it’s glory. At the Allrounder we’re all about function, so when we find a brand that looks this good but maintains the core ethos of actually being useful we’re pretty happy. Our favourite pieces, and believe us, it was a tough call, are the Waterproof duffel (£150) and the Mistral jacket (£180). We’ve just spent a week in Cornwall and the jacket was more than successfully put through its paces against some fairly heavy conditions.

Here’s the new range in full. We’ve even added in a non-model image for your enjoyment, see if you can spot it.

To view the full range at the Finisterre website click here.

Picture Credits: Finisterre