One of the most important aspects of getting fit is finding something that works for you. For some people it’s hanging out in the weights section of a busy London gym, for others it may be heading over to a park to take part in a boxercise class or a parkrun every Saturday. The options are pretty much endless as well, if you don’t like one method of training, give something else a go. There’s bound to be something out there that clicks.

The easiest way to sort out your training is to get a PT. They’ll tailor a plan for you, watch your every movement, help sort out your diet. The only problem is that not everyone can afford them. Yeah sure, you can head over to the classes your gym puts on, but when you’ve got a lot of people doing a class it can’t be tailored towards an individual training goals. Especially if you don’t even have any training goals.


FitMiBODY is a studio set up by Matt Lo, a fitness expert in Strength and Conditioning who aims to make fitness more accessible to people wanting to get fit. By running a series of structured fitness classes, and not just general circuit classes, FitMiBODY is working towards making classes a bit more like having an actual PT – only quite a bit cheaper.

We headed down to the studio in Old Street to test out the new facility, and to see if the classes were as good as they sounded.

The new studio opened up in early February, and as fitness spaces go it’s a hell of a nice little place for a workout. Aside from the various apparatus dotted around, like kettlebells, battleropes and slam balls, there’s also some fancy kit like a frame area and a prowler (we were really hoping that last one wasn’t going to be used in the class). For the cleanliness aficionados out there, there’s also Cowshed toiletries available in the shower rooms.

Matt, the founder, and a guy that clearly knows what he’s doing when it comes to strength and conditioning, was our trainer for the session – ruddy nice bloke in fact. After running us through the aims for the class (we were doing legs and shoulders), we started a functional warm-up with exercises like walkouts and lunges.


The main section used one-armed kettle-bell swings, slam balls, battleropes, squats and finally the prowler on rotation. Simple, but as we lay on the floor rasping for breath at the end, evidently quite effective.

Unlike the normal classes that we go to, where we’re pretty much left to our own choices on reps and weights, having a smaller group means the trainer can have more input. In this case with Matt passing us increasingly heavy weights. It may not be very nice at the time but if you want to progress then it’s a necessity. On the other hand it also means that, if you have an imbalance, or your form is way off, you can work on that first before advancing the exercises.

The team have set up a nice range of pricing options ranging from £270 for six weeks of unlimited classes, a plan designed by a personal trainer, as well as progress updates and access to a trainer. £198 for three classes per week, or you can buy classes individually (or buy in bulk), which goes from £19 for one to £12 if bought as a 20 class package (£240). There’s also a range of one-on-one personal training options.

So, if you’ve been thinking about getting a personal trainer, or want to start giving your fitness plan a clearer structure, then FitMiBODY may well be what you’re looking for. You can make a lot of progress in six-weeks with the right kind of direction.

Head of to the website here to see the full details.

Picture Credits: FitMiBODY