Joe Public

Pizza, the staple diet of turtles, samurai cats, staff working late and hungover people the world over. It’s lovely stuff in fact, probably our favourite food if you must know. Definitely our go-to takeaway choice. Probably why we end up having to go to the gym so much in fact. Worth it though.

It’s not hard to get pizza in London. It’s not even hard to get good pizza. The problem with most pizza places however is the fact you have to buy a whole one. Now don’t get us wrong, if we have to buy a whole pizza, we’ll buy one, we’ll damn well eat it as well. But sometimes you don’t actually need a whole one, as much as it feels like you do.


Joe Public is a fairly recent addition to Clapham. It’s also pretty easy to miss unless you keep an eye out for it. Nestled behind Clapham Common station, located in a fairly small cabin type-building is where you’ll find it. And find it you should. Selling an array of kick-ass pizzas sold by the slice along with a ruddy nice drop of Joe Public branded IPA and pale ale, it’s well worth a visit.

The beauty of buying pizza by the slice of course, is that you can try lots of different toppings in one sitting. Choose from such delights as the sausage, ground beef, bacon, pepperoni and caramalised onion or the red chilli, tomato, butternut squash and gorgonzola. Both amazing, both delicious and both well worth a second visit.


There’s also a nice outdoors area, which is perfect in the event that we have any nice weather. Failing that they havee outdoor heaters, which will no doubt see a fair bit of use over the summer.

Slices cost between £3.50 and £4.50. Have a look at the website and tell us you don’t want at least half of them.


Picture Credits: Joe Public