We’re simple folk at The Allrounder. We don’t like to complicate things with loads of unnecessary options and choices. Especially when it comes to food. We just want to get in, pick something we like and eat it. Hell, even Subway normally ends up as a trip of unnecessary complexity.

LeCoq is our kind of restaurant. A place that specialises in a specific type of food and does it damn well. The menu alone is a masterclass in simplicity, giving customers the option of two courses for £17 or three courses for £22. There are three starters to choose from, one main and three desserts (the menu changes weekly). Easy. Especially if you like rotisserie chicken as much as we do. Just pick any sides you want with it and you’re done.


There’s a bit more too it than that though. The starters and desserts are an eclectic and always delicious selection, so you’re likely to find something new there every time you go. The rotisserie chicken is our real focus though. Sutton Hoo chickens to be exact, all the way from Suffolk. Cooked to be soft and tender, exactly how we like them.

Add to that the frankly perfect roast potatoes (seriously, they’re impressive), and you have yourself a very enjoyable evening not two minutes from Highbury and Islington station. Good if you’re looking for a nice bar afterwards.

If you throw in a bottle of wine and a few sides it can get a bit pricey. So keep an eye on what you’re getting.

For more information about LeCoq and to see the latest menu, nip over to the website here.