New gear: December

Eagle-eyed amongst you will notice a subtle winter sport vibe to this month’s gear choices. That’s because we’ve spent most of the day trawling through websites trying to find a snowboarding holiday. We’re getting pretty excited about it to be honest. We always do around this time of year. The only problem is that it gets pretty expensive, what with all the additional kit we absolutely have to buy. We won’t worry about that right now though, it’s Christmas, we’re going to enjoy ourselves.

We could have called this a Christmas gift guide, but who are we kidding? We’re only going to buy this stuff for ourselves.

Jones – Storm Chaser

Price: £445

Where to buy: Various (try The Snowboard Asylum)

Who wouldn’t want a snowboard that’s shaped like a missile? Seriously, just look at it. It’s beautiful. Sure you wouldn’t be able to ride switch on it but who needs to when you’re bombing down the mountain faster than anyone else (possibly not true, but we’ll definitely feel like we are).

It may have been developed following the trend towards shorter powder boards, but the Storm Chaser is meant to retain a level of manoeuvrability you wouldn’t expect from a board this wide. There’s a load of technical stuff about how it’s built for lightness and balance which we didn’t really understand. Look how pointy it is though!


Presscription – Raw Organic Cold Pressed Juices

Price: From £4.95

Where to buy: Presscription

Juices are big these days. Pretty tough to distinguish between the good and bad ones though. This range from Presscription uses cold pressing to minimise loss of the nutritional elements. It also means that they stay fresh for up to three days with proper storage.

We tried a few of the flavours, but our favourite by far was the Mylk Make-well – a sort of milkshake made of almonds, medjool dates, Himalayan sea salt, vanilla bean and alkaline water. Easy to forget that they’re actually ridiculously healthy.


Dragon Alliance – X2 Goggles

Price: Around £185

Where to buy: Various (Try The Snowboard Asylum)

Yeah sure, we’ve already got some snowboard goggles, we probably need another pair though. You know, just in case we lose one. As goggles go you’d be hard pressed to find a more handsome pair.

They also have a rather nice Swiftlock lens change system, super anti-fog treated dual lenses, hypoallergenic fleece lining and come with not one, but two interchangeable lenses. What the hell, maybe we need a couple of spare pairs of goggles.

PhD – Tricellar Whey

Price: £35.99

Where to buy: PhD

We may not be at the peak of physical fitness at the moment, what with all the pigs in blankets, Dutch advocaat and advent calendar chocolates. Come January though, we’ll be hitting the gym hard. Which means we need to stock up on some protein.

The new Tricellar whey from PhD is a pretty damn nice option for any member of the gym crew. Up to 82% protein per serving, less than 2 grams of carbs and 1 gram of sugar, slow release casein, it even comes in three attractive flavours (chocolate cookie for us please Santa).


Hi-PRO – Peanut butter

Price: Around £2.70

Where to buy: Various (try Sainsbury’s)

Yep, more peanut butter. What can we say, we’re heavily addicted. We’re not even going to try to make an excuse.

By using peanut flour (ground peanut with the fat removed) mixed into the ingredients, the crew over at Hi-Pro have managed to up the amount of protein in comparison to a normal serving. Which kind of means we don’t have to eat as much of it – a bit of a negative point actually.



Buff – Hoodie

Price: Around £30

Where to buy: Various (try Buffwear)

We can’t stop wearing this. It’s basically the hood section of a hoodie, minus the jumper. Wear it with a t-shirt, wear it with a suit, hell, wear it on its own, it really doesn’t mater. It even has a bit of buff built into the neck section, so you can roll it up over your face to make yourself even more cozy.

Picture Credits: Hi-PRO, Buff, Presscription, PhD, Dragon Alliance, Jones