New gear: February

Bit of a wintery theme to the products this month. Which is kind of logical if you think about it, what with the fact we’ve got a hell of a long way to go before it get’s warm again.

Fossil Fuel Bars

Price: £18.99 for 12 bars

Where to buy:

Raw paleo bars aren’t exactly hard to find these days. Doesn’t mean we don’t like them though. Especially these new ones from Fossil Fuel that come in some pretty immense flavours. Our favourite by a long shot are these coffee and cacao ones. That’s coffee AND chocolate, which you probably imagining now and desperately wanting to try.

Made with nothing but dates, almonds, coffee, raw cacao and coconut oil, they’re pretty high on the old healthy food scoreboard as well. Perfect little pre gym snack to tide you over.

Musto Evolution Arctic Gore-Tex Primaloft Parka

Price: £350 (was £649)

Where to buy: Musto

Yeah okay. This isn’t a little treat you’re going to buy yourself on the way home from work. Well, not unless you count the fact there’s a saving of about £300. If you’re planning any super heavy-duty winter trips, then this beast of a jacket is one impressive piece of clothing.

Designed for the most extreme weather on the planet. The GORE-TEX fabric is stormproof to keep you dry and the PrimaLoft Silver Insulation Down Blend is incredibly warm without the weight. Not only that, but the coyote fur hood trim doesn’t retain water or freeze.

So yeah, if you’re planning that trip to the Arctic any time soon, get buying.

Scruffs Active Hoodie

Price: £29.95

Where to buy: Scruffs

Yeah, we’re pretty big on the Scruffs stuff. And why wouldn’t we be? Clothes designed for industries where people need something hard-wearing and functional means their active range are pretty damn formidable for pretty much anything.

The Active Hoodie is perfect top to stick in your back for when you need some tough layering. Breathable and moisture wicking stretch fleece regulates your body temperature, there’s little thumb holes in the arms (we love thumb holes) and there’s a built-in neck warmer that can act as a cover for your mouth if needs be. Ruddy cheap for the value as well.

inov-8 All-Train 215

Price: £95

Where to buy: inov-8

This is actually the first time we’ve ever tried inov-8 shoes, and boy are we pleased we did. Finding a good pair of trainers designed for cross discipline exercise is always tricky, especially when you’re workouts can involve running, weights and HIIT all in one session.

We’ve been using these for a couple of weeks now and they’re working a treat. We won’t go through every detail, but essentially they’re a show made to give support and grip across different foot movements. So as well as having a grip that works as well from side to side as it does moving forwards (like if you were just running), they’re just really light and flexible. Which means you don’t get any annoying rubs or sore bits as you move around.


Reebok CrossFit Super Nasty Rip Stop Board Short

Price: Around £59.95

Where to buy: Reebok

We bought our first pair of Reebok training shorts a couple of years ago, and since then we’ve never looked back. We’ve got ten pairs of the things now and we absolutely love them. Firstly, they’re really lightweight and thin, which is kind of a big deal when you’re doing exercise that leaves you covered in sweat. Secondly, the fabric dries really quickly, which is good to drive off the sweat as well as the fact it means that once you’ve washed them you don’t have to wait very long until you can use them again.
They last for ages as well. We’re still using the first pair we had and they’re pretty much exactly the same as the day we bought them. And trust us, we use them a hell of a lot.
If you check the website occasionally, Reebok have some killer deals. Most of the ones we own we ended up buying in the January sales, picking up a few pairs for about £20 each.

Picture Credits: Fossil Fuel, Musto, Scruffs, inov-8, Reebok

Note: We received tests product for this review.