New gear tested: September

Another month, another tried and tested set of products we’ve carefully picked for your shopping pleasure. For September we’ve focussed mainly on those things you’re probably going to need for the gloomier times ahead. Yeah, sorry, there’s no getting away from it. Summer is over. So you’d better be prepared.

Flexiseq Sport Gel

Price: Around £18

Where to buy: Various (try life & looks)

Okay, we know you’re probably not that worried about passing an anti-doping test, it’s not something we’ve ever really had playing on our minds. But even so, various studies have shown that there are side effects associated with the use of painkillers for sporting injuries. This is where Flexiseq comes in. Most of us who do some sort of consistent physical training will have no doubt feel the signs of wear and tear on the joints. That wear and tear can worsen until it turns into something worse. Flexiseq helps to stop the effects by relieving friction, meaning the effects are lessened.

We’ve been using it for a few weeks now, mainly for running, and it seems to be doing the job. We used it a fair bit during the London 2 Cambridge 100k challenge and trust us, we noticed a difference after about 80km. Although at that point anti-doping was the least of our worries.



LED Lenser Head Torch

Price: Around £250

Where to buy: Various (Try LED)

Okay, this head torch is ridiculous. We headed over to Wales recently to test it out doing some downhill mountain biking and caving. It’s a bit like having car headlamps strapped to your head it’s that bright.

As head torches go it’s pretty weighty, so definitely not one for the runners out there. However this cycling edition comes complete with a selection of clips and mounts so you can stick it wherever you want. Our choice was to clip it to the handle bars with the power pack strapped under the frame. Worked a treat. Which was good as we almost cried making our way down single tracks in the middle of the night.


Boot Bananas

Price: Around £13

Where to buy: Various (Try Troll Outdoors)

There’s not actually a great deal to say about these. They’re fabric bananas (obviously) full of various natural ingredients that help soak up the moisture in your shoes. Originally designed for climbing shoes, but open to use for whatever putrid footwear floats your boat.

When the ingredients have run out the bananas turn brown, it’s as simple as that really. Not that we need to use them. Asking for a friend.



Stance Socks

Price: Around £14

Where to buy: US import only

Right, so this new range isn’t actually available in the UK yet. Which means you’ll have to order them from the US, sorry. But we’re a little bit obsessed with them so we felt like we had to put it in, if only so you can click about for a bit to look at all of the colours. Yeah, there’s loads of them.

But it’s not all just about the design. With reinforced heel and toe sections, mesh vents, moisture-wicking fabric, Air Channel Cushioning and compression, they’re a pretty formidable sock. Far better than those ones we keep buying from Primark that fall down because the elastic has gone after two weeks.



North Face Men’s FuseForm Dot Matrix Insulated Jacket

Price: Around £220

Where to buy: The North Face

We got the chance to test this beast of a jacket out when we nipped over to Verdon for The North Face Nightray Festival. Considering we ended up in a storm which meant tents were almost blowing away, it was a pretty good chance to see how it held up.

Aside from the fact that it one handsome looking jacket, it’s also extremely light. Which is very impressive considering how hard-wearing it is. Apparently it uses something called FuseForm technology, which means it can be lightweight and durable. We’re not entirely sure how it works. All we really care about is that it kept us warm. And that we looked cool.