New Snowboards to buy

Yeah sure, Christmas is nice and all that. You get to see the family, you get a few new pairs of socks and you’re pretty much allowed to eat whatever you want for a few days, safe in the knowledge that everyone else is doing the same thing. Not our favourite thing about winter though. Not by a long shot.

We’re talking snow people. The real reason to look forward to winter. And not just any snow, the kind of snow that covers mountains. Beautiful powdery snow just perfect for boarding down. The kind of snow you can land in after inevitably failing at a trick attempt without the need for seventeen stitches. Lovely, beautiful, juicy snow.

Our boards are getting pretty old though. Not very pretty to look at. And if we’ve learned anything about successful boarding, it’s that you need a cool board. Even if you’re spending half you’re time re-attaching bindings.

As a treat we’ve three of our favourite new boards from the chaps over at The Snowboard Asylum. You know, so you have more time to spend buying presents and drinking egg nog lattes. We’re nice like that. Once thing you may notice about these boards is that they’re shaped a bit differently than what you’re probably used to. That’s because they’re modelled on the world of surfing (something that we’re also pretty crap at).

Clark by YES.

Price: £229

Okay, so this isn’t the actual final shape of the board. You have to do a bit of work in cutting it to suit your needs. It’s what’s known as a blank, which is something surfers have been using for years to create whatever design they fancied. So grab yourself  a pencil, a couple of sharp jigsaw blades and start making your dream powder board (probably plan it first before you start hacking away at it – it could get expensive).

Storm Chaser by Jones

Price: £445

We want one! Even if it’s just to hang on the bedroom wall, we want one. That beautiful wood effect, that sharp pointy arrow shape, that weird little fin at the back, that name… WE. WANT. ONE.

It may have been developed following the trend towards shorter powder boards, but the Storm Chaser is meant to retain a level of manoeuvrability you wouldn’t expect from a board this wide. There’s a load of technical stuff about how it’s built for lightness and balance which we didn’t really understand. Look how pointy it is though!



20/20 by YES.

Price: £499

The catamaran style nose shape is apparently designed to allow the snow to flow through the nose and then be directed down to give an unbelievable amount of float. By doing the same thing at the tail the opposite happens, making the back of the board sink. We haven’t tried it yet, but whatever it does, it sounds pretty exciting. What a design as well. Far better than skulls or anime women with lots of cleavage

Head over to the website to see the rest of the range. There are quite a few to choose from. We want most of them.

Picture Credits: The Snowboard Asylum