Niklas Ibach – Lessons of Harmony No.6

Ah, the sun is shining, you’re in the park with a few mates; a couple of Desperados on the go. Live is just swell isn’t it. The only thing you need now is some uplifting, summery music to play in the background as you laugh your way long past the sun setting in the distance.

Don’t you bother wasting any time with your friends to search for something. We’ve already done it for you. Well, we haven’t done a lot really. Niklas Ibach has done all the hard work. Apparently the Stuttgart-based multi-instumentalist started with Piano lessons at the age of 6, then moved onto a love of loads of other stuff, including Jazz, Opera and Classical Music. Sounds like he knows his stuff.

This mix of his is just perfect for your summer enjoyment needs. Uplifting, poppy, accessible and even has a bit of Fleetwood Mac in it. And who doesn’t like Fleetwood Mac?

Picture Credit: Niklas Ibach