Saccao – Spirit Soul Records

When we first put this mix on we made a kind of “Mmmm mmm” sound, the kind you’d probably expect to be made by sassy women in the 1970s. It’s not a sound we make very often if we’re being honest. We’re not entirely sure if we’ve ever made it in fact. But we did. And there’s no going back.

We like really bassy breakdowns you see. Love ’em in fact. And this mix has loads of them.

We don’t really know much about Saccao, nothing really, save for the fact he’s a deep house/ nu house DJ with a penchant for blue-lensed sunglasses. He also makes quite a bit of music; good music; a lot of which you can find on Soundcloud.

Spirit Soul Records we do know a bit about though. Largely because they’ve got one hell of an artist roster. They also have some very nice cover art for their releases.

Anyway, here’s Saccao’s latest mix for Spirit Soul Records. Yes, it’s largely deep house. But not the kind of deep house that just becomes ambient noise. It’s enjoyable, danceable, accessible deep house. Still has the bass though. You can download it for free as well.