Wing Wing

We’re going to go straight in with it here, because frankly, what’s the point in holding back? Wing Wing is a beautiful, beautiful place. A divine testament to absolutely phenomenal fried chicken. Not only is it the best fried chicken we’ve had in London, but it’s converted us from people who are never really that bothered about fried chicken to the point where we’re desperate to go back and have more. Seriously, for two days after we went, we had a WhatsApp discussion going on that was solely focussed on the visit. The place is that good.

Alright, we’ll rein it in a bit here and give you slightly more detail than our drooling opening paragraph. Wing Wing near Russell Square is a Korean fast food concept that combines fried chicken with beer. It’s called “chimaek”, a blending of chicken and maekju, the Korean word for beer. In its simplest form chicken and beer is essential the main points that make up this sweet restaurant, it is far, far too simple though, and misses out the things that make this place so ruddy handsome.

Firstly, and most importantly, the fried chicken is immense. Unlike so many cheap fried chicken places, the breadcrumb surrounding the succulent chicken doesn’t feel that fatty. Oh it still tastes like fried chicken, but it feels lighter, cleaner and more wholesome. The drumsticks and wings are also massive, with three different flavours to choose from: soy garlic, hot and liquorice, all of which taste phenomenal.

But you don’t have to have wings and drumsticks if you don’t want to (you will want to though), as there’s a load of other options on the menu. Bao buns, chicken and halloumi burgers, wraps, rice boxes, battered calamari or prawns are all shining examples of what frying can do to food. For sides you can get seaweed covered fries, battered green beans or the absolutely spot on onion brick. Oh, you want a desert as well you say? Well, imagine a doughnut cut in half and then filled with a salted peanut, yuzu meringue, strawberry creme or pineapple orange sauces. Go on, imagine it.

They also have a range of beers as well. Really nice craft beers that go perfectly with the exceptional food. You can even rent out a private room for the evening and serve your own beer using some cool bottom filling magnet glasses (we tried it. Was awesome).

The full menu can be seen over on the website and well worth taking a look at just to see all the other stuff that’s available. The restaurant is a kind of fancy fast food place with outside seating as well as a load of tables indoors. So you can swing by for a swift box of wings on your way home from work, the pub or if you just need somewhere interesting and awesome to go for lunch.

Picture credits: Wing Wing