Winter Gear Christmas List

With the cold weather now firmly here, people drinking those damn red coffee cups that taste like unnecessarily sweet desserts and X-Factor filling up the social media feeds of idiots, it can mean only one thing: Christmas is almost here.

So, to make things a bit easier for you guys, we’ve chosen a few of our favourite wintry things available to buy for the discerning outdoorsy types. Yeah, basically us.

Jones Storm Chaser Snowboard


Price: £480

Where to buy: The Snowboard Asylum

Beautiful isn’t it? A board designed primarily, as you may have guessed from the fact it looks like an arrow, for being really fast. Designed with the help of surfboard shaper Chris Christensen, the Storm Chaser is a powder board that moves away from the usual “playing around” focus to being built for speed. The clever design even means that give you a hell of a lot of float, even in the fluffiest of powder. Cool huh?

Scruffs Expedition Thermal Softshell


Price: From £54.95

Where to buy: Scruffs

We’re big fans of Scruffs. Hell, we’ve been using their rucksack non-stop for about six months now. They’re a company who make clothes for industries that need stuff that’s hard wearing. The kind of jobs where you expect things to last a while. You don’t have to get their kit for work though, which is great, as it’s ridiculously good value for money.

Their latest jacket is an awesome little number that performs like something that should be more expensive. An insulated design that also allows from freedom of movements makes it a great jacket for everyday use. It also has breathable underarm panels, a few zipped pockets and a nice snug neck zip. Looks pretty good as well.

Iffley Road Sheen Gilet


Price: £135

Where to buy: Iffley Road

We only got hold of one of these recently, but we wish we’d found out about it earlier. It’s a ridiculously light little number (125g – size M) that’s almost unnoticeable over your usual running top. You see, we get pretty hot when we run, so we don’t actually need a big jacket. The Sheen is perfect because, although it’s impressively waterproof and windproof, it’s still nice an airy. So it protects from the elements without us wanting to take it off within five minutes.

As well as looking pretty damn nice (although subtle… we like subtle), it has a stowaway back pocket, reflective piping at the back and elasticated armholes. So yeah, quite the Christmas treat.

Polar M600 GPS Smartwatch


Price: From £264.50

Where to buy: Polar

It was only a matter of time until we found a smart watch that was actually effective as a fitness aid. Once you set up the M600 with the Polar apps it’ll track pretty much everything you could want it to, and sync it all to your online account. Which is great if you have a varied lifestyle when it comes to fitness.

We’ve been tracking walks to work, marathons, weight training, HIIT classes. Hell, it’s even tracking how many calories we burn when we’re at the odd karaoke night, thanks to the handy built-in heart rate monitor (in the watch strap – no need for a chest monitor).

The interface uses the stand Android system, so it’s pretty simple, and the battery life seems to hold up for at least a couple of days. Which isn’t bad against some we’ve had a play with in the past. Looks pretty nice as well.

adidas Terrex Skychaser Trail Shoes


Price: Around £130

Where to buy: Various (try Blacks)

For us runners, the arrival of cold, wet weather means the inevitable need for some hard wearing trail shoes. Trust us, it’s an investment that’ll pay off if you’re predisposed to running off-road in the winter.

We’ve used Terrex for over a year now and they’ve got us through some tough times. As well as being both breathable and waterproof, they also have boost technology in them, which makes them feel a lot more bouncy. The major factor with Terrex is the Continental outsole, which makes for some serious grip on the ground. Just make sure you wear them in a bit before a race though. Trail shoes can be pretty stiff when you first start wearing them.

Picture Credits: Iffley Road, Scruffs, adidas, Koala, Jones