DJ Yoda – Stranger Things Mixtape

Oh Stranger Things, you beautiful ode to our favourite decade. You’re pretty much perfect. Your weird characters, your endless points of homage references to everything we hold dear, your soundtrack. Oh man, your soundtrack. That opening titles sequence alone was enough to get us hooked (10 minute version here).

And you may be finished, for now, but thank heavens for DJ Yoda, a like-minded 80s fan who’s taken it upon himself to create a mixtape following the ethos of the show, we have something to fill the yearning 80s space in our hearts. Featuring everything from Sunglasses At Night to I Melt With you, all supported by audio extracts from the show.

Oh and all those references. Someone made a handy little film to explain them all. Nice of them.

References to 70-80’s movies in Stranger Things from Ulysse Thevenon on Vimeo.