Il Cudega

Now, before we start we should make one thing clear, we’re quite reserved with our praise when it comes to food at The Allrounder. Hyperbole is not something you’re likely to hear from us very often. So when we say that Il Cudega is a phenomenal little place, we really mean it. Trust us.

Our knowledge of Italian food is pretty general to be honest, so the fact that Il Cudega specialises predominantly in dishes from the Lombardy region meant very little before we stepped through the door. Not to worry though, Il Cudega isn’t so much a restaurant as it is a tour of the area surrounding Milan (the first thing we learnt). As we sat down to peruse the menu, the serving team happily wandered over before explaining various dishes in illustrative detail. Illustrative because it was like they were telling a story as opposed to trying to sell us some food.


We tried wines, we ate risotto, we engulfed so many types of Italian bread that we were already planning a 23-mile run before we’d even hit the desert. And with each course came an onslaught of information about the ingredients, the serving styles of the region and the history behind the restaurant itself. It was like receiving a crash course in Italian refinery.

And as for the food itself, it was faultless. Picking out favourite dishes is almost impossible, however if we had to, we’d suggest the Spaghetti with charcuterie Bolognese ragu, mainly because you may as well judge an Italian restaurant on something you know, and man alive theirs is damn good. The Lombary charcuterie is one hell of an antipasto as well, far beyond the kind of supermarket flavours you get in a chain restaurant. As for the Classic Tiramisu’ with savoiardi biscuits, well, let’s just say we don’t often high-five a chef.

But the menu at Il Cudega is just a guide. The regional produce making its way through the doors changes all the time. The team know what they’re doing, and they’ll use what amazing ingredients they have to the full. So visiting multiple times may end up in startling new revelations as new dishes appear.

So yeah, we liked the place a hell of a lot. The food, the staff, the wine; all of it surpassed our expectations. Take our word for it.

To find out more about Il Cudega head on over to the website or have a read through the current menu. It’s only open until 6pm each night though, so if you’re planning of a few glasses (inevitably bottles) of wine, go at the weekend. Or just nip in to pick up some treats from the deli counter.

Address:Railway arch 358, Westgate St, London, E8 3RN

Picture Credits: Il Cudega