Koala Hoodie

You can never have too many hoodies, seriously, they’re like the perfect piece of clothing for any scenario. Summer winter, indoors, outdoors, bed, fitness, nights out. They’re pretty damn awesome. So when we found out about the Koala hoodies campaign on Kickstarter we almost spat out our frappuccino .

Imagine James Bond walking into Q’s office. He steps over to a table and Q passes him a hoodie. “What does it do?” asks Bond, confused. “What doesn’t it do 007,’ Q replies, a playful twinkle in his eye. He then begins to reel off an expansive list of functions as Bond nods with approval, until eventually Bond says something offensive to Q and gets told off.


So what does it actually do? We hear you saying as you rest excitedly on the edge of your seat. Well, quite a bit actually. Based on the idea that Koala’s are masters of the art of deep relaxation (apparently), the hoodie is designed to be the ultimate clothing item for day-to-day life. Yeah okay, some of the features are cooler than others, but just take a look at the detail.


We’ve been wearing ours for a while now and we love it. Our favourite bits, or at least the ones we’ve found the most use for so far, are the bottle opener zipper, the eye mask and the rather cool phone charger. Sure we’ll crack out the neck pillow at some point on a long journey as well. Never seems to be the right time when we’re sat on the Northern Line at 8.30am.


James Bond feature aside, as a hoodie the Koala is pretty damn nice. 100% cotton (so it’s soft and cosy) with extra thick cushioning in the hood which makes it feel a bit like you’re wearing a sleeping bag hybrid. It also comes in three colours: Light Grey, Electric Blue and Black, all of which look rather splendid.

The Kickstarter campaign is open until October 1st, with various options open to backers. Currently you can take advantage of an earlybird offer where, for £79, you’ll receive the hoodie on its full release (estimated January 2017).

For more information on the campaign and to get involved head over to the Kickstarter page.

Picture Credits: Koala