Lo-Fi-Fnk – On Deck (THUMP)

If you haven’t heard of Lo-Fi-Fnk, which is highly likely as they’re following is a bit niche if you’re not Scandinavian, they make poppy, electronic dance music. Sometimes they sound a bit like some sort of weird electronic S-Club 7, others times they’re reminiscent of bands like the Ting Tings, only a lot cooler.

Our favourite track was the 2011 “Marchin’ In”, a kind of Balearic, uplifting dance track mixing piano chords with bongos. Hard to explain but pretty damn good.

It’s the sort of music you may not want to admit you like, but you really actually do, quite a bit, when you have headphones on.

Download their latest On Deck mix for THUMP free from Soundcloud:

Track listing:

Munguugnum – ios 8.1
Swick & Lewis Cancut – Wishes (ft. Tkay Maidza)
Hannah Diamond – Every Night (Lil Mystic Edit)
Supraman – Resonate
Lucid – Heartagram
Natsu Fuji – Kawaii Party
PA’S Lam System – I’m Coming (Kevin Villecco Kawaii Edit)
Vespertown – Royal Flash (Tokyo Hands Remix)
Kyle Cook – Immerse
Onika – bff’s
Meishi Smile – Honey (Yoshino Yoshikawa Remix)