New gear: April

We’ve been a bit quiet on the gear front over recent months, largely because we haven’t found anything we were particularly impressed with, and we’re not in the habit of scraping the barrel for things to write about.

This month’s selection of products is a nice mix of things we’ve been using for the past few weeks. Absolutely no tat whatsoever.

The North Face – Borealis Classic Backpack

Price: £52.50

Where to buy: Various (Try Blacks)

We’ve got a cupboard full of bags over at The Allrounder. We’ve barely ever used most of them because they’re either too small, too uncomfortable or just aren’t built for our kind of throw-things-across-the-room style of personal property management.

The Borealis Classic is a beast of a bag. It’s one part commuter bag, designed to hold pens, laptops and a gym kit, all in separate little compartments, and one part adventure kit, with a section of differently sized areas, a comfortable strap set-up, 29-litre storage capacity as well as all sorts of meshes and straps on the outside. The only thing we would have liked as an addition would be a built-in rain cover. But you can’t have everything.


Erdinger Alkoholfrei

Price: Around £1.29

Where to buy: Various (Try Tesco)

If somebody had come up to us and tried to sell us an alcohol free beer as a sports drink, we’d have probably laughed in their charlatan face. However we’ve known about Erdinger being used as a isotonic drink for a while now. When we finished the Munich marathon a few years ago, instead of bars and juices, the finish line was a series of beer and pretzel stands. Both of which went down surprisingly well.

There’s actually some science behind the isotonic claims as well. Erdinger Alkoholfrei is brewed under the strict Bavarian Purity Law, which means it is made from only high quality, natural ingredients. It also has a load of nutrients in it like Folic acid and vitamin B12 which apparently help reduce fatigue and support the immune system, as well as promoting an energy-yielding metabolism. Which sounds pretty good to us.


Wild Inspiration Boxes

Price: £24.95 a month (with price packages offering bulk discounts)

Where to buy: Wild Inspiration Boxes

It’s basically a surprise box of curated adventure-based treats sent to you every month. The contents could include anything from adventure kit, books, films, food or something they’ve not even told us about yet. Which is kind of nice. We completely forgot that we’d ordered one and when it turned up it was like receiving a little present from ourselves. A bit like if that bloke from Memento ever ordered something from Amazon.

The contents of this month’s box included a copy of Alistair Humphrey‘s Grand Adventures book along with a sort of big foldable mini-book by him called There Are Other Rivers, a Primal Pantry bara credit card-sized metal tool and a letter explaining it all. On top of that there’s also an exclusive video from Alastair and access to a live Q&A in a few weeks. So quite a nice little treat of a morning.


adidas – Men’s Agravic Boost GORE-TEX Shoe

Price: £110

Where to buy: Various (Try Blacks)

Once we’ve got the London Marathon out of the way we’ll be hanging up our road shoes for a bit and heading out onto the trails. And we all know what that means – time for some new trainers.

We’ve been using our old pair of Terrex for ages now. We’ve tried other trail shoes, but to be honest we always end up veering back towards them. That’s why we’re pretty excited to get another pair (trail shoes don’t tend to look too good after a year – most have been banished to the shed).

This new pair has the same Boost midsole we’ve come to love, a Gore-Tex profile, Continental rubber soles and Gore waterproofing. So yeah, they should last us for a bit at least.

adidas-Men’s Agravic-Boost-GORE-TEX-Shoe

Parrot Bebop Drone + Sky Controller

Price: Around £649.99 (£439.99 without the Sky Controller)

Where to buy: Various (try Parrot)

Alright, this is a bit pricier than most of the items we normally have in the Gear section, and we only have one because a friend didn’t want it any more. Which to be honest we’re not complaining about.

It’s the first time we’ve ever actually had a play with a drone and we’re absolutely loving it. The Bebop 2 uses your smartphone or tablet as the controller, with the Sky Controller connecting to it as the screen (although you can just do it with the smart phone alone). So you’re actually looking through the camera of the drone itself as it flies through the air.

The drone has a 14 mega-pixels “fisheye” lens camera built-in and records with full HD at 1080p, which is pretty nice. The app which you use is also pretty easy to get to grips with. It has a series of training modes within it as well as some relatively painless instructions. It’s just a pity we don’t have anything interesting to film with it.



Picture Credits: Parrot, adidas, The North Face, Erdinger, Wild Inspiration Boxes

Note: We received tests product for this review.