New gear: August

Bit of an eclectic bag of products this month. If we’re being honest there’s absolutely no theme to our choices whatsoever, save for the fact you can buy all of them. Which is kind of a theme.

Primal Pantry Protein Bars

Price: £29.90 for 15 bars (we can’t seem to find a high street stockist online)

Where to buy: Primal Pantry

You’ve probably picked up a Primal Pantry bar at some point in the last year. They’re one of those new bread of super healthy snack equivalents for when you’re feeling peckish. They’re actually pretty damn impressive as health foods go: grain-free, made with 100% real food, paleo, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, raw and made without soya, refined sugar or vegetable oils.

Their latest range introduces protein into the mix, adding in between 10 and 12 grams per bar. They also come in two rather enjoyable flavours; Mixed berries and Cocoa Orange. Ruddy lovely in fact.


BSN N.O. – Xplode XE Edge Pre-Workout

Price: From £19.49

Where to buy: Various (Try Discount Supplements)

Yeah okay. No product needs a name as complicated as this. It’s like they’ve gone through a list of words and acronyms then forgot to delete some of them at the time the label went to print. That’s supplement companies for you though. They love a convoluted sci-fi name.

Branding aside, this is a pretty heavy-duty tub of powder. If you’ve never used pre-workout before, take it easy; it’ll blow your socks off. We’re not going to go into too much detail about the ingredients, but suffice to say that there’s a fair whack of caffeine, taurine and choline in there to pep you up before the gym. It also contains vitamins and minerals to help muscle function, improved cellular function and provide antioxidant properties.

Read the warning on the back though guys. Seriously.


Scruffs Baselayer Top

Price: £19.95

Where to buy: Scruffs

Ever since we tested out their rucksack last month, we’ve been massive fans of the crew of over at Scruffs. They’re basically a work and safety wear clothing brand making affordable and hard-wearing kit. The fact that they largely supply to companies means what they produce has to be pretty hardy.

At just £19.95, their Baselayer top is great value. It’s soft, comfortable, keeps you toasty and even has moisture-wicking technology to conserve heat in the cold. It’s got a little turtle neck on it as well. Which generally means we feel a little bit like Roger Moore every time we wear it.


Nike Vaporwing Elite

Price: £215.99

Where to buy:Various (Try RX Sport)

Okay, we’re not going to lie, these aren’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination. But you pay for what you get. And as running shades go these are one hell of a pair. They are really made for the serious athlete though, so if your 2017 is full of serious, competitive races, they’re well worth a look. If however you’re more likely to do a handful of parkruns, maybe pick up a cheaper pair.

The design incorporates a series of innovative improvements on some of their earlier models: Nike + Zeiss Optics lenses, rubber temple components to remove sweat, a self-adjusting nose pad and a new aerodynamic frame. We’ve used them for a few races in the sun now and they’ve worked like a dream. Aside from the tinted lenses, we barely remembered that we had them on.



Price: Around £25

Where to buy: TBA (available at the end of August)

At £25 the MilestonePod is one hell of an alternative to expensive GPS tracking devices. All you do is link it up to the handy app, clip it to your trainers, fill in a few details and you’re away. Once synced it’ll give you information on stride length, ground contact, leg swing, pace, distance, duration, cadence, foot strike and something it calls a runficency score (basically combining a load of them together, we think). It also acts as a rather useful odometer for your shoes, working out how much distance you’ve actually done in them without you having to think about it.

You can read our full review here.



 The Survival Handbook

Price: Around £14.99

Where to buy:Various (Try DK)

Lovely little book this. Written by Colin Towell, an ex-SAS Combat Survival Instructor, it covers everything from lighting a fire to building your own raft. Not only is it fully illustrated with loads of really easy to grasp pictures, it also comes in a real life mess tin. So you can head out into the outdoors straight away and cook yourself whatever you manage to find.


Picture Credits: Primal Pantry, BSN, Scruffs, Nike Vision, MilestonePod, DK