New gear: January

January, a time of reflection; a time to look to the months ahead and optimistically plan how this year is going to be your year. Unfortunately it’s also a time when no-one has any money, which is probably why you have so much time to sit down and think about things.

So yeah, a product listing for January would probably fall on deaf ears if we were to include anything pricey. So instead we’ve picked things that are a bit more affordable. Things that won’t cause more pain to our already struggling bank accounts.


Price: £22.95

Where to buy: Purition

It’s not hard to find protein shakes these days. It’s a bit trickier to find shakes that are healthy though. Purition shakes are made from a balanced blend of natural ingredients, so it’s not just about the protein but the whole package. Things like fibre, vitamins, minerals and healthy wholefood fats.

Health aside, they taste pretty damn nice as well. With a range of flavours including pistachio, coconut, almond and strawberry, there’s quite a lot to choose from. The pistachio is our favourite though.


Soda Folk

Price: £1.25

Where to buy: Soda Folk

Fizzy pop isn’t the healthiest thing in the world, we know that, and we’re fine with it. You still have to treat yourself every now again. Take solace in the fact that these drinks from Soda Folk only use natural ingredients. Which is good enough for us. We’re also largely obsessed with root beer. Have been for years in fact.



Dr Zak’s Powdered Peanut Butter

Price: Around £4.95

Where to buy: Various (Try Supplements Delivered)

Yep, it’s another peanut butter product in the round-up. Get over it.

To be honest this powdered peanut butter is far from a replacement for the real stuff. Once mixed with water it forms a sort of peanut butter-flavoured paste. You’d definitely be disappointed if you were using it as a spread.

However as an ingredient it works pretty well. Because of the process used to make it, the powder loses most of the fat you’d normally see in peanut butter. Which means it’s a lot healthier. Think of it as a sort of peanut butter protein replacement. We’ve been using it in our morning porridge and it works a treat.


Root7 – Citrus Zinger Sport

Price: £14.99

Where to buy: John Lewis

Grab yourself an orange, cut it in half, pop it in the bottom, crush it then fill it with water. Hey presto you’ve got yourself a naturally flavoured drink. It’s that simple. Works well as we struggle to drink our suggested amount of liquids a day when just drinking water. You can of course use other fruits, providing they fit into the bottle.



Kind bars

Price: Around £1.29

Where to buy: Various (try Tesco)

Hell of a lot of bars available these. Some are better than other though. These treats from Kind are topping our list at the moment. Made from whole nuts, fruits and spices and bound together with honey they’re a much healthier option than a lot of the other things filling up the supermarket shelves.

Flavours include glazed pecan and sea salt, dark chocolate and cherry cashew and almond and coconut. We’ve tried all of them. We weren’t disappointed by any.



Bodyweight Workouts For Men – Sean Bartram

Price: Around £12.99

Where to buy: Various (try Amazon)

In the world of the internet, buying a book that covers exercises seems somewhat unnecessary. This is an extremely good resource though. It’s basically a glossary of body-weight exercises ranging from simple squats to a detailed overview of press-up types and the muscles they work. It even comes complete with suggested workout routines. Not just applicable to men as well – so don’t let that stop you.

And of course you don’t need a gym to do them. Which is nice, considering it’s January and all, and we’re all waiting to get paid.



Picture Credits: Purition, Soda Folk, Dr Zak’s, Root7, Kind, DK