New gear: July

Oh have we got a selection for you this month. Some cracking stuff in fact. Food, bags, supplements, fitness kit. Yeah, we’ve been busy. Not that we’re moaning about it.

Manfrotto Off-road Stunt Backpack

Price: £119.95

Where to buy: Various (Try Manfrotto)

If backpacks were characters from 1970s sitcoms, this would be the Fonz. Designed specifically for all of you adventure photography/video types, the Off-road Stunt backpack is one hell of a cool piece of kit. A hard shell container at the top for valuable accessories, tripod holders on either side, internal removable storage for multiple cameras, a laptop/tablet sleeve and a handy GoPro attachment on the strap. There are loads more in fact, head on over to our full review for the detailed bits and pieces we haven’t got time to write here.

Action_Camera_Backpack_MB OR-ACT-BP_tripod connection

Creative Nature Bars

Price: From £1

Where to buy: Various (Try Ocado)

Healthy snacks are all over the shop these days. Which is a good thing, especially if, like us, you really like your snacks. This latest offering from the Creative Nature crew are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Soya Free and Wheat Free. They’re also only 118 calories, contain 100% natural and raw ingredients, under 1g fat per bar, certified vegan and vegetarian and actually taste pretty damn good. Spot on in fact.


Scruffs Classic Rucksack

Price: £24.95

Where to buy: Scruffs

Yeah, okay, we’ve already had a backpack in this month, but man we’ve become a bit obsessed with this one. First of all, it’s massive. Which is good if you’re the kind of person who carries around two gym kits, work clothes, a laptop, food, cameras and basically anything we seem to need on a day-to-day basis. There are loads of compartments in it ranging from laptop space, a front holder for the necessities, a big large area and, this one is really cool, a chill compartment for food and drink.

It’s also on £24.95. Which is amazing value. Like seriously. Might buy a few more.


Biocera AHA Water Bottle

Price: From £52.75

Where to buy:Various (Try Water For Health)

It’s pretty useful to carry around a water bottle at the moment, what with the fact it’s actually warm and that. But if you really want to up your hydration game then pick yourself up one of these bad boys. Essentially a portable water filter that produces produces hydrogen rich water, getting rid of a load of harmful free radicals. Nobody wants those.

You need to stick in one of the filter capsules (£22.75), but apparently they last a year. So not too bad really.


Trion:Z Copper Skin: Z Shorts

Price: Around £39.99

Where to buy:Various (Try Trion:Z)

Ever been running and ended up with a few sore areas afterwards? Yeah we used to get that all the time. A few years ago we started wearing technical undershorts to reduce the chafing. Changed are lives. For real. Recently we’ve started using these shorts from Trion:Z. Not only are they immensely good at stopping that soreness, they also have copper in them, which prevents bacteria from causing further issues. Which is really good if, like us, you tend to go to the pub for a bit after a race without bothering to get changed. Yeah we know, disgusting.


Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy

Price: £27.99

Where to buy:Various (Try Optimum Nutrition)

Amino Acids are pretty damn important. If you can remember your biology lessons from school, they’re what make up proteins. Protein of course is what you need to build muscle. This new range from Optimum Nutrition are designed to deliver the body with the essential ones you need for growth and repair. Not only that, they also contain caffeine, to keep you primed for whatever it is you’re doing. They also contain those extremely popular BCAAs you probably keep hearing about. Zero sugars as well. Which is nice.


Picture Credits: Manfrotto, Creative Nature, Scruffs, Biocera, Trion:Z, Optimum Nutrition

Note: We received tests product for this review.