New gear: June

Well, the summer is pretty much here. Festivals, beer gardens, ice creams and the occasional appearance of some sun. That’s why this month’s selection is focussed on outdoorsy stuff. You know, the kind of things you might taking on a nice camping trip to Devon or a booze-fuelled week at Glastonbury. Anything where you need to pack a bag of useful stuff basically, in a place where it’ll probably rain.

For Goodness Shakes – Protein Water

Price: £2.75

Where to buy: Various (Try Sainsbury’s)

The first time we heard about protein water we thought it was a joke. How could anyone add protein to water? Surely that would just end up being a protein shake, we mused. Well, it turns out that that’s not in fact the case. Sure, it isn’t exactly water, more a sort of protein squash drink, but it is very, erm, watery.

The main plus point of this drink is that it’s a lot lower in calories than your standard protein shake (only 86 in comparison to probably about 190 calories), which means it’s good if you’ve got to be ridiculously strict on your calorie intake. It doesn’t taste too bad either, which is pretty impressive considering it doesn’t have the velvety thickness of a normal shake (i.e. loads of extra flavourings in it).

Perfect for taking along camping or a festival. You know, the kind of places where you don’t really want to have meat products or milk sitting around all day.



Price: From £4.75

Where to buy: Various (Try Ellis Brigham)

Sweet mother of pearl, why had no-one ever told us about this stuff? A liquid that you pour into the washing machine that turns your clothes and accessories waterproof. It’s like something out of Harry Potter. For years we’ve sat staring at old rain macs, realisation creeping over our faces that its days of usefulness were over. The items of clothing that have been retired from service because they could no longer stop the rain from seeping through, and all we needed was a bottle of Nikwax. Sorry old friends.



Rhythm 108 – Dessert Bars

Price: £18 for a box of 12

Where to buy: Rhythm 108

We snack a hell of a lot at The Allrounder, and most of it probably isn’t what you’d call “health foods”. Not that we don’t try to eat healthier alternatives, it’s just hard to pick up a banana when there’s a doughnut sat right next to it.

That’s why we get so excited when we find something to chew on that ticks both boxes. This new range from Rhythm 108 have an impressive CV: organic, gluten-free, no added sugars, calcium and fibre. Not bad for a little dessert snack. They also come in a pretty handsome selection of flavours: lemon-cake, chocolate walnut brownie, coconut macaroon, banana muffin and apple pie… which we tried each of.



Price: From £14

Where to buy: Aquapac

You know one of the main problems with being an adventure-type person? Water. You’re walking through the jungle happily, when you come across a river, you place your foot in to walk across, fearless, as usual. When suddenly your friend shouts “but you’ll get all of your euros wet!” You step back, he’s right, you’ll have to find a bridge, or a raft. You’ve also just added one day onto your trek. Damn.

Not if you’ve got an Aquapac though. A simple little plastic sleeve to put your valuables in that come in various sizes. Although if you’re carrying an iPad through the jungle you may not be cut out for this adventuring stuff. Maybe try disc golf, or dominos.


Hydro Flask

Price: Around £34.99

Where to buy: Various (try Ellis Brigham)

If you’re going camping you need a flask. That’s just science buddy. There are a hell of a lot of flasks out there though, how are you going to choose the best one for the job?

Well, luckily we’ve found our favourite. The Hydro Flask comes in a couple of sizes, the bigger one at a impressive 32 oz (pretty good for a flask). Various technical bits and pieces (18/8 pro-grade stainless steel TempShield – double wall, vacuum insulated technology, Flex cap with Honey Comb insulation locks in temperature for longer – that kind of stuff) mean that it keeps water cold for up to 24-hours and warm for up to six. We even tested it out by filling it with ice cubes and leaving it for a day. Still there in the morning, cool hey?


The Lean Machines – Eat Well, Move Better and Feel Awesome

Price: £8.50

Where to buy: Various (Try Amazon, obviously)

If you don’t know who The Lean Machines are already then head on over to their website or Youtube channel. They’re a pair of personal trainers with a massive following on social media. And rightly so. Not only do they know their stuff when it comes to health and fitness (seriously watch one of their live Facebook Q&As and you’ll be amazed), but they’re also a pretty damn entertaining duo.

Following in the wake of they’re online popularity comes the launch of their first book, a sort of holistic overview of how to live a healthy life. It covers everything from fitness workouts and recipe ideas to humour and general life advice – which is nice of them.

Erm, we actually prefer it to The Body Coach’s Lean In 15. There, we’ve said it.


Picture Credits: For Goodness Shakes, Nikwax, Rhythm 108, Aquapac, Hydro Flask, The Lean Machines

Note: We received tests product for this review.