New Snowboards 2017

You know, you can moan all you want about it getting colder, but if you’re a winter sports kind of person, autumn marks the start of something pretty damn beautiful: ski season. Which means it’s also about time you treated yourself to some new kit.

We’ve had a look through some of the new snowboards available over at The Snowboard Asylum and sweet heavens there are a few nice looking ones floating about. So if you’re wondering what to get us for Christmas…

Jones Storm Chaser


Price: £480

Where to buy: The Snowboard Asylum

Chris Christensen, a surfboard shaper, designed this in collaboration with Jones. Which is why it looks kind of amazing. Unlike a lot of boards out there, the main focus of this beast is to go harder and faster – none of your pottering about jumping in the snow and whatnot.

Jones Hovercraft


Price: From £400

Where to buy: The Snowboard Asylum

A board designed for performance on the powder and on piste, largely due to it’s interesting shape. A longer nose gives it lift and float at the front, whilst the little tail gives drive and power out the back. Simple. And what about that wood effect finish hey?

YES 20/20


Price: £555

Where to buy: The Snowboard Asylum

Our favourite board shape by far, with one hell of a cool design. The kind of board you buy just to hang up on wall. But it’s not all about looks, the 20/20 has a unique Powder Hull profile which channels snow down and under the board whilst the identical profile at the tail vents the snow out. So you get increased float in the nose with sink at the tail. Which is nice.

YES 420


Price: £395

Where to buy: The Snowboard Asylum

Taking its inspiration from the classic fish surfboard, the 420 has a wide profile nose shape and riding platform, which gives it a fair whack of float. It also has something called a pow rocker 6/0/2 profile, which means that although the 420 is short, there’s a lot of surface area there to keep the board on top of the snow. Apparently giving the 148 the equivalent surface area of a regular 158 board.

Picture Credits: Jones, YES, The Snowboard Asylum