New Snowboards 2018

Okay, so Christmas is over and it’s back to work. Dark mornings, dark nights, cold weather. Well boo hoo! Some of us like the winter you know. Because it means one pretty important thing. Ski Season. Well, snowboard season if you’re talking to us.

Might as well get yourself a tasty new board while they’re snow to be had. We’ve had a look through some of the new ones available over at The Snowboard Asylum. Man alive there are some beauties.

Nidecker – Rave

Absolutely lovely isn’t it. The angles, the colours, that little pointy bit at the back. Yes please. An all terrain board that’s designed to carves like an alpine board, drops powder lines like a freeride board and retain the versatility of an all terrain. Apparently it utilises some of the most advanced technology available, include a lightweight core of poplar and paulownia. Which is definitely what we want.

Cost: £435

YES – Optimistic

Apparently the YES Optimistic was pretty much sold out worldwide by the first week in November, which isn’t really surprising considering it looks like some sort of space Porsche. Meant to be as impressive with its on piste performance as it is as a powder board in the deep, it’s a rather nice all-round treat really.

Cost: £515

Jones – Mind Expander

Surf shaper Chris Christenson and Jeremy Jones designed the Mind Expander to blend freestyle, freeride and surf styles. The features blunted powder focused nose is designed to give you a hell of a lot of float in deep snow. There’s also a  spooned 3D shape which, amongst other things, helps to give a smoother edge-to-edge feel. Which sounds pretty nice if you ask us.

Cost: £459

Jones – Lone Wolf

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to try out this board? It’s better than the Silver Surfer’s. Look at it. Sure, we’d probably go straight into a tree, but we’d still look cool leaning against it whilst drinking a coffee. Made from triple density poplar/bamboo surf core means it has pretty damn lovely edge response and turning power. Which is cool. It’s looks like some sort of missile as well… although you probably noticed that.

Cost: £559

Picture Credits: The Snowboard Asylum