OHMME Male Yoga range

As you may have noticed, yoga is pretty damn popular these days. For good reason as well, it promotes all sorts of useful stuff; flexibility, strength and better posture. It’s good for the heart, it helps to lower stress levels and actually tones up your body. So yeah, it’s not just a fad.

And where once yoga was an activity heavily dominated by women, now more and more men are picking it up. Sometimes as a replacement for other types a fitness, or as a necessary part of a bigger training plan. Many sports have even begun to adopt it (Click here to see the England Rugby league squad giving it a go).

But, as the female yoga clothing market has grown to ridiculous levels, there’s very little out there men getting involved. That’s why Louis d’Origny, founder and creator of OHMME Yoga, decided it was time to start changing things with the creation of his own yoga shorts. His new four-piece capsule collection has been tested on men of all shapes and sizes, against some of the most advanced  yoga poses. Meaning people can focus on the poses, instead of an uncomfortable pair of shorts.

Here’s a few pictures of a man doing yoga in them (not us. Definitely not us).

yoga-the-allrounder (22)
yoga-the-allrounder (7)
yoga-the-allrounder (2)

For more information about the OHHME Yoga range, head over to the website here.