The North Face – Defy Weather Films

Yeah okay, we all know that lot over at The North Face make some pretty damn nice outdoorsy clothes. But did you know they have a shed load of brand athletes that often travel around the world making cool videos? Well, they do. If you head over to The North Face YouTube channel you can see a load of them. But, as we’re nice, we’ve chosen a few favourites for you to sit and watch with your morning coffee (assuming that you’re reading this in the morning).

Los Gringos

Sam Smoothy’s dad climbed in the Andes mountains. Lost Gringos tells the story of how he decides to follow in his footsteps by heading there himself, along with a couple of mates. Oh yeah, Sam’s a skier, so there’s a lot of skiing in it.


In 2015, Tassy Fils-Aime became the first Haitian to run the entire length of his home country. In 2016 he did it with a group of other runners, thus proving it could be done. That’s when loads of other people started trying it.

Link Sar

An attempt by alpinist Andy Houseman and alpinist/mountain sports photographer Jon Griffith to make the first ascent of Link Sar, in Pakistan. Which as you can probably guess, what with it being 7041m high, makes for a pretty nice video to watch.

Picture Credits: The North Face