Under Armour – Avengers Range

Okay, so if you’d have suggested to us a years ago that we wear skintight superhero clothing to the gym we’d have laughed in your face. We’ve alway been fairly middle-of-the-road when it comes to gym wear, avoiding big logos or unnecessary garish design. But fitness clothing has changed quite a bit in recent times. Where once people owned a few baggy t-shirts, a pair of white trainers and some football shorts, now their more likely to have a wardrobe stocked with kit. Most of it sleekly designed, multi coloured and pretty tight. It was probably inevitable that some day a company would take it to the next level and bring out a range of superhero costumes.

Now, we love Under Armour, especially the compression wear range. We’ve got a whole drawer full of it in fact. It’s the most comfortable compression clothing we’ve worn, it looks nice and it’s pretty cheap in comparison to some of the other brands. So we were pretty happy when we saw their latest Alter Ego range to tie in with the release of Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

If you’ve ever been to Gymbox you’ve probably seen a fair few people rocking the previous superhero ranges released by Under Armour. We wouldn’t be surprised if half of the gym were wearing them by Christmas at the rate people seem to be buying them.

There are four items in the main range, our favourite are the Captain America and Hulk versions, although you probably need to be pretty confident to wear the latter, or on a stag do.

There’s also another part of the range, apparently only available in the US in the moment, which are probably aimed towards the more subtle superhero fan. Just look at that long-sleeved Quicksilver one!

The Marvel Avengers: Age Of Ultron range is available from the Under Armour website. Each compression top costs £45.