Uniqlo Sport – Spring/Summer

Yeah okay, if you look out the window it may not seem like spring is anywhere near appearing, but if the calendar is to be believed, it’s only a few weeks away. And as well as the fact that we can finally stop wearing the daft bobble hat we got for Christmas, it also means all those spring/summer collections are going to start popping up.

Now, you know we’re not that bothered about the usual fashion trends over at The Allrounder, unless of course, it’s a few fitness range cropping up. We like those. But when we heard that UNIQLO were expanding on their active range with the new season’s range of sports items, we suddenly got very interested.

UNIQLO has pretty much been our go-to clothes shop for the past half a decade. They make items that manage to look cool and fashionable, but with a dignified subtlety. Ruddy good quality as well. It’s the only place we ever buy jeans.

The new UNIQLO Sport range has expanded on its previous active selection by focussing on a wider range of sports, with all the items designed to transition between fashionable lifestyle wear and high performing athletic kit. For outdoor running there’s BLOCKTECH; incorporating water repellency and windproofing along with reflectors for visibility. For more casual movements where you need to stay cool and dry there’s AIRISM (think stuff like yoga), then for the more intense physical activities there’s DRY and DRY-EX, designed for quick moisture removal and a higher level of movement.

We even got the chance to test out some of the kit whilst doing a pretty damn tough HIIT class at Another_Space. Did a really good job as well, especially considering we ended up lying on the floor in a pool of sweat.

Head over to the UNIQLO site to check out the new range. As fashionable sportswear goes, you’re looking at some pretty affordable kit compared to a lot of the high street brands. AIRISM T-Shirts come in at £9.90 with the rather nice Pocketable Parka costing £24.90.

Picture credits: UNIQLO