WeTrain Small Group Training

Fitness has undergone quite a big shift over recent years. There’s a lot more choice surrounding the options open to people. Gone are the days where the gym was a dreaded part of everyone’s day; an hour spent where people begrudgingly try to justify their monthly membership fees with a token visit to some boring venue. Now fitness is cool.

London is full of stylish, hip studios and spaces offering exciting new ways to train. Places like Gymbox or 1Rebel where it’s more like walking into a nightclub than an exercise space. They have DJs, social activities, neon lights and trainers that look like the kind if people you’d actually want to hang out with.

But those places aren’t for everyone, and PT sessions can be pricey, especially for the more casual fitness aficionados. WeTrain is different. The concept is relatively simple. Using the simple to use web app you search for personal trainers running sessions near you. You can book onto a session for yourself and be joined by other like-minded people, or you can get a group of friends to come along with you. You even get to specify how hard you want the workout to be. Pretty damn easy.


Sessions are capped to small groups, which means you’ll get more attention from the trainer; unlike oversubscribed classes where there won’t be a focus on form (form is very important). It also means you can pick and choose a trainer you like from a wide range.

Still want some more info? Well it’s a good job we asked the WeTrain crew a few questions about the service then isn’t it?

London has a lot of options when it comes to training. What marks WeTrain apart from PTs you might find in a gym?

WeTrain wants to change the way people socialise, challenging the notion of just going out for drinks with friends. It allows you to have all the benefits of a personal trainer, with the social element of a small group session, and for a much more affordable price than a huge impersonal class. By giving you an easy way to get your friends together, WeTrain makes makes exercising easy, fun and entertaining, giving everyone more than just a workout.

How convenient is the WeTrain service for people looking to get fit?

WeTrain is a great service for people looking to get fit. Whether it’s high intensity exercise such as HIIT, CrossFit and dance or lower impact exercise such as yoga or pilates, there is a wide variety of exercise options. You can choose a PT to suit you, and adapt your session to suit your ability, choosing a pace and level that’s right for you. And watch this space because launching in September are further great challenging experiential sessions with GB athletes, medallists and notable trainers.


Would the service work as well for someone who is prepping for a competition or event against someone who is just looking to stay healthy?

Absolutely. There are lots of sessions available, covering a wide range of classes, from pre-brunch chilled yoga to a post-work bootcamp beasting, all hosted by London’s best health & fitness Instructors.

Why did you get involved with WeTrain? How do you pick your trainers?

We want to get people more active and see it as social activity which created memories and not just a chore that helps you drop a belt notch. Our team are part of the target market of 20-30 year olds and from research we have found that training with friends is the best persuasion to start exercise, keep up the motivation and learn something new.

It’s even better when there is someone knowledgeable and skilful to help, like our host trainers, but also who is flexible regarding your level and good fun. We hold auditions to find trainers (hosts) who can deliver the WeTrain experience of a social and fun session.


How is WeTrain suited to people who are worried about picking up fitness training?

If you are beginning or continuing your fitness journey, what’s great about WeTrain is that you can adapt the session to suit your ability, choosing a pace and level that’s right for you. Choose from chilled, medium, or beasting.

Finally, can you sum up the WeTrain service in one sentence?

WeTrain shares the cost, fun and benefits of a Personal Trainer with friends to create new experiences through exercise.

WeTrain sessions are currently available in locations across South London, with the majority costing £8 per person. You can see the full list of classes on offer here.


WeTrain are proud supporters of the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust and the superb work it does empowering disadvantaged young people. A percentage of every booking fee goes to the charity.

Picture credits: WeTrain