Whitworths Willpower Workout

When people think about health and fitness, the focus seems to veer predominantly towards exercise and diet. The latter only picking up widespread acceptance over the past few years. And yeah, sure, they are very important, obviously. But there are many elements to being “fit” that people don’t always think about as being quite so important.

We were invited over to a special session set up by the crew over at Whitworths entitled “the Whitworths Willpower Workout”. As you may have surmised from the name it was about willpower, a fundamental necessity in any form of training or dieting, especially in the early stages. It just so happens that New Year is pretty much the time of the year where the need for willpower is at its peak.

A piece of research carried out by Whitworths  found that between 27th and 31st of January over 9 million people in the UK will give up on their new years resolution diets. Which is quite a lot if you think about it. 36% of those give up because they’re bored, 19% blame the bad weather and 33% blame the influence of their partners. So regardless of all the good intentions and hopes to live a healthier lifestyle, it’s pretty easy to see that maintaining it is far from easy.

So to address the issue of willpower, Whitworths have rather nicely set up a series of online tutorials to explain how making simple changes to your life, can have a dramatic affect on your willpower. Which means you’ll have a much better chance of keeping up with all of your fitness goals.

The online classes cover four main areas Sleep with expert James Wilson from the Sleep Council, Nutrition with Sian Porter, Relaxation with fitness model and qualified physiotherapist Lilly Sabri, and Hynotherapy with Darren Marks.

Sure, the campaign is part of a marketing push for the new range of Whitworths Shots, the idea being that, instead of picking up a packet of crisps or a chocolate bar when you’re hungry, they act as a healthy alternative; that’s where the nutrition bit comes in. They’re actually pretty damn nice though, not bad considering they’re less than 100 calories a pack and contain bona fide healthy ingredients. There’s a massive range of them as well. The fruity biscuit shot gets our vote – we tested enough of them.

The really interesting point for us from the session was by far the sleep section by James Wilson. We’ve always known sleep is important, but we’re pretty bad when it comes to taking it seriously as part of our training plans. Which is actually ridiculously stupid. No matter how much time you’re putting in at the gym or in eating the right foods and sticking to a diet plan, if you’re body isn’t getting the sleep it needs then you’re wasting effort. And it’s not just the amount you sleep, it’s about getting the right type of sleep. Eight hours may be the standard, but there’s a big difference between eight hours of bad sleep and six hours of good sleep.

But we won’t ruin the video by explaining any more. Here’s the full length version, or head on over to the Facebook page to find our more here.

Research conducted by an independent body, questioning 2,000 UK adults aged 18

Picture Credit: Whitworths